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A word from our board of directors

In recent years, we have witnessed many developments across different sectors in the kingdom, including the industrial and mining sectors, as part of the kingdom’s 2030 vision plan and in line with the National Industry Development Program that will bring many benefits to the country.

With these developments, Muadinoon Mining Company is implementing initiatives to meet the kingdom’s 2030 vision by enhancing the infrastructure of the sector’s programs to maximize value, raise the percentage of local non-oil ventures, and contribute to the growth and development of the kingdom’s economy.

We strive to support and localize Saudi manufacturing industries to motivate future generations to contribute to the country’s economy and create more job opportunities. In addition, Muadinoon Mining Company conducts research on minerals in the Kingdom to utilize the mineral resources in the Arabian region, so local resources are the main source of economic growth as we always strive to develop strategies that enhance local and global economies.

Founder and Chairman

Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Abdulaziz

About Us



MUADINOON is a progressive corporation involved in the mining and sale of minerals and raw material to a wide range of industries. Contributing in the Saudi’s economy, Muadinoon is one of the best suppliers of minerals such as industrial silica. We are committed to attain and maintain our mining processes at international standards, respecting both the environment, health and the safety of our employees at the workplace. Muadinoon currently operate silica sand mines, while undergoing geological and feasibility studies for new materials.

Saudi Arabia has undertaken many efforts to diversify its economy. In its Sixth Five Year Plan, the government established a goal of 9% growth per annum for the mining sector, particularly in the development of mineral resources. The Arabian Shield (ANS), an exposure of Precambrian crystalline rocks on the flanks of the Red Sea to the west of Saudi Arabia, contains substantial deposits of precious and non-precious metals and other minerals. Most of this formation has been mapped with the assistance of the U.S. Geological Survey and its French counterpart, the Bureau de Recherches Geologiques et Minieres.

Muadinoon was founded by Mr. Saud Bin Abdullaziz Al Abdullaziz with support from the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources.

We in the Kingdom do not just aim at exploiting our mineral wealth and then selling the product in the world markets. Our target is to develop a national industry based on these minerals.


Mr. Ali Al-Naimi

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources – former


During his participation in the Sustainable Partnerships Conference held in Riyadh, Saudi Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Bandar Al-Khorayef talked about the most important industries that are being focused on in the Kingdom and the challenges associated with them. Al-Khorayef added in his speech that these industries include the mineral sector and the water desalination sector. “Through our strategy in the industry, there is a focus on a group of important and qualitative industries, as well as a focus on the challenges facing each industry,” he said.

Our story

Muadinoon Mining Company was established in 2007 after studies were conducted on minerals in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which were found to contain the most important raw material (Silica) that possesses many beneficial characteristics – making it an excellent investment. Silica is easily produced and acts as a primary mineral in the production of alternative energy that contributes to preserveng the environment and non-renewable energy resources.

And so, our journey began with the backing of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, who granted us a license to mine within an area of 13 square kilometers for Silica sand in the Tabuk region, south of the city of Tema. Thus, the goal of leveraging Arabian minerals was born, to contribute to economic growth locally and globally, and to establish the name of Muadinoon Mining in the industry while supporting the localization of industries in the kingdom to realize the efforts of the National Industry Development Program as part of the kingdom’s Vision 2030.


Over time, Muadinoon Mining Company developed from one application for Silica sand in 2012 to dozens of Silica applications, and we remain consistent in conducting research and studies to expand our uses of Silica sand. It is through our strategic plans and careful implementation that we have gained the largest licensed reserves in the Kingdom of the purest Silica mineral at a rate of 99.9% according to the geotechnical laboratories of Riyadh.

In addition, we comply with the highest quality standards in the industry to preserve the environment, including compliance with the National Center for Vegetation Development and Combating Desertification., and (BQSR) an American company, which granted us the international quality certificate according to their standards assessment.


  1. Achieving the company’s objectives and main activities by adopting strategic plans based on Vision2030 objectives in the mining sector.
  2. Supporting the development of the mining sector in the kingdom to encourage other sectors to follow the company’s strategies and standards to drive economic growth and cover a large portion of the local and global markets.


Muadinoon Mining Company aims to participate in the development of the Kingdom’s industrial sector by implementing mining initiatives that ensure quality and sustainability to achieve the highest economic return.

Our Global Outlook

Muadinoon Mining Company is continuously developing its infrastructure to support industrial progress and to guarantee high-quality products and services to customers locally and globally. Thus, we have developed our strategies and vision to commence supplying globally, starting in 2023, in cooperation with the pre-export financing Bank (Saudi Exim) while ensuring the implementation of sustainability and consistency in supply and quality. Our company also aspires to increase opportunities to attract foreign investment to contribute to realizing Vision 2030, which aims to raise the competitiveness of the Kingdom to become a local and global destination for investors.