Production Cycle

There are several stages that the production cycle goes through, which are summarized as follows:

– Materials collection

– Initial sorting operations

– Processing and packaging

– Shipping to all regions of the Kingdom

It also includes four main stages:

– Sorting plant

–  Washing plant

– grinding plant

– Support services


Muadinoon Mining Company has strived to develop its industries in line with the implementation plan of the National Industry Development Program and Logistics Services as part of Vision 2030, which aims to enhance the Kingdom’s industrial economy. Muadinoon Mining Company was awarded international certificates proving its worth and professionalism from (BQSR) an American company and part of the International standardization network of (ISO).

Further, the results of chemical analysis conducted in 2015 by a Riyadh-based geotechnical company found Sands in Muadinoon’s mining area in the South Taima region to contain a percentage of 99.9% Silica.

Quality is the main goal of our company as we guarantee the quality of implementation, planning, time and environment to provide the best results that achieve long-term positive returns.

ISO Certificates