Our Team

For an organization to be truly successful, it must make its people part of that success. Muadinoon believes that our people are our most important assets. We recognize that the high quality of our people is the company’s greatest strength. The resourcefulness, professionalism, and dedication of managers and employees will ensure that Muadinoon continues to be very competitive in the short term and will be well positioned for ongoing success in the long term.

Our approach to harnessing and developing our people is three-pronged; Safety, Self Development and Career Advancement. Muadinoon understands that long-term success is the result of responsible employer practices and respectable employee conditions. We want our people to appreciate Muadinoon as much as Muadinoon appreciates them. We continually challenge our people to develop from within, encouraging both skilled workers and management to think innovatively. Self-development is a key indicator of an employee performance, and we monitor the progress of all our people carefully.


Muadinoon management teams have been carefully selected and structured to fulfill our mission to be the leading supplier of industrial minerals in the Saudi Arabia.


Muadinoon recognizes the value of human health the protection of the environment. As a global organization, we have formed an in-house REACH Team to ensure that our products are compliant to the European Union Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations. These are the world strictest laws to date regulating chemical substances and will impact industries throughout the world.

Market Studies

Meanwhile, our market studies team examines market requirements and controls mineral prices by scheming production, thereby ensuring the stability of our business and continuous future planning.

Community Ownership

As an organization, the stakeholders of Muadinoon extend beyond its employees, management and shareholders. We feel that everyone in the community holds a stake in the success of the organization. We are also conscious of our roles as both supplier and customer to the business environment. We are mindful of how our business operations affect both these groups, and believe in the principle of community ownership. Our success is also the success of our customers, suppliers and employees.