Silica Powder

Silica Powder is made by grinding pure silica sand to a very fine powder. It is used as a filler in plaster and some plastics to add strength, or just to reduce the amount of resin needed to fill a mold.

Silica flour is also used in the friction industry as an abrasion resistant filler. It is used as a filler in epoxy resin castings and adhesives.

Product Characteristics

Silica flour is produced from the highest quality, chemically pure, fine grade silica sand available in Tayma, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The production of both feedstock and final material are processed through our modern Tayma plant. Using the latest industrial sand washing/treating processing technology and ball mill grinding, we produce the most consistent flour possible.


Table of Size

0-45 um 0-63 um 0-75 um 0-100 um

MSDS ( pdf File )

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