Fully Support 2030 Vision

Following the Saudi Vision 2030 Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said “Saudi Arabia: the heart of the Arab and Islamic worlds, the investment powerhouse, and the hub connecting three continents”

Introduction The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is blessed with many rich assets. Our geographic, cultural, social, demographic and economic advantages have enabled us to take a leading position in the world.

We at Muadinoon will support vision by localizing renewable energy. In addition, we will increase our investments in, and lead, the mining industry. We will furnish incentives for the exploration of the Kingdom’s mineral resources.

Our goal is to contribute to the national economy at full potential.
The Kingdom has been blessed with rich mineral resources such as Silica, aluminum, phosphate, gold, copper, uranium and other raw materials. Although the mining sector has already undergone improvements to cater to the needs of our industries, its contribution to GDP has yet to meet expectations. As such, we at Muadinoon are determined to ensure it reaches SAR 97 billion by 2020, creating 90,000 job opportunities in the process.

We are planning a number of structural reforms, which include expanding by intensifying exploration, building a comprehensive database of our mining site, reviewing the licensing procedures for extraction, investing in infrastructure, developing funding methods and establishing centers of excellence. We will also form strategic international partnerships and raise the competitiveness and productivity of our company. This will boost our contribution to the sector’s growth, as well as to the localization of knowledge and expertise.