Muadinoon Mining Company is committed to applying safety procedures to preserve the natural environment, reduce pollution, and eliminate any environmental violations in line with the goals of the kingdom.

Our company believes that health and safety practices reflect the essence of our business and that preserving the wealth of the environment is one of the most important principles of our operations and indicators of success. Our health & safety practices include educating our employees about environmental laws to ensure timely remedial action is taken. These practices support our long-term plans and the client’s trust in our environmental awareness. Our environmental initiatives also aim to comply with the National Center for Vegetation Development and Combating Desertification.

Our projects are well-documented at every step to ensure they are implemented in accordance with international mining standards. These stages include plans that guarantee the health & safety on mining sites, including restoring sites to their initial condition following the end of operations, dismantling buildings structures, sealing mine openings, re-vegetation, and water treatment.

At Muadinoon Mining Company, we follow the (PREFER) environmental model, which shows the impact of all stages of our work on wildlife and plants in particular through studies of the ecosystem of the surrounding environment.

These steps involve surveying the area to assess the water supply, collecting soil samples, and assessing the area for potential historical and archaeological sites of interest.


Our standard model encompasses the following operational stages:

P – Excavating to uncover raw materials and determining their quantity and value before conducting any harmful exploration operations.

R – Estimating resources output in proportion to the size and degree activity.

E – Conducting an environmental assessment to determine the economic and  environmental impacts of the project.

F – Conducting a feasibility study to assess the financial requirements and technical risks of the project, including the evaluation of the prospective returns, marketability and the cost of mineral concentrates, engineering, mining and infrastructure, as well as financing and equity estimates.

E – On-site excavation and mining operations.

R – Restoring the sites for future use.