We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to offering all our people long-term career advancement opportunities regardless of ethnic or religious backgrounds.
Today needs for minerals are very different from those of the past, and those of the future will be very different from today. It is not easy to forecast what minerals we will need most in fifty years beyond recognizing that those needs will be conditioned by technological change. Technical progress has ensured that the prices of mineral products have not risen inexorably in real terms, and there is still plenty of technical scope to lower costs and raise the productivity of the world mineral resources over the coming decades.

Thus, we are looking for highly-motivated and attentive candidates for the following positions.


Eligible candidates should apply by e-mailing their resume with a cover letter mentioning the position title.
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Job Description
  • Provide administrative and clerical support to departments or individuals.
  • Provide secretarial support and able to handle information requests.
  • Prepare correspondence and stuff mail into envelopes.
  • Prepare statistical reports
  • Manage spreadsheets.
  • Greet and receive visitor.
  • Prepare confidential and sensitive documents.
  • Determine matters of top priority and handle accordingly.
  • Prepare agenda for meetings.
  • Takes and transcribes dictation.
  • Relay directives, instructions and assignment to executives.
  • Receive and relay telephone messages
  • Maintain hard copy and electronic filing system.
  • Maintain the general filing system and file all correspondence
Minimum Requirements
  • Degree in business administration or relative field
  • Outstanding communication and negotiation abilities
  • Must be fluent in Arabic and English
  • Proven experience as executive secretary or similar administrative role
  • Proficient Computer skills
  • Familiarity with reporting techniques
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Integrity and confidentiality


Job Description
  • Selling and Displaying Excellent Customer Service
  • Search new customers
  • Meets with clients to present service concepts and proposals.
  • Sell and execute all authorized mineral products and packages by displaying excellent customer service over an established route to regular customers
  • Solicit and market all silica sand products
  • Delivering and Collecting the Payment
  • Keep records of customers interactions and transactions, recording details of inquiries, complaints, and comments
Minimum Requirements
  • A bachelor degree.
  • At least 2 years of experience in sales of minerals
  • Customer service and sales knowledge
  • Effective communication skills and fluency in English and Arabic
  • Organization and coordination
  • Problem solving
  • Complaint handling


Job Description
  • Proactively identifies problems and maintenance needs.
  • Performs preventative and daily maintenance and calibration of the machinery.
  • Overhaul engine, repair gear box etc of bulldozer, shovel, trucks etc.
  • Provides expert services such as repairs, daily maintenance and diagnostic efforts in regards to heaving machinery.
Minimum Requirements
  • Technical Higher Diploma (3 years).
  • Good knowledge of English Language, capable to follow manufacturer manual
  • 5 years’ experience in the installation, repair, testing and maintenance of a wide range of mechanical equipment, preferably in an oil/gas or petrochemical industry.