The Environment

Muadinoon’s commitment to the environment is one of the company most important operating principles and a leading indicator of our success as an organization. Environmental education is compulsory among all the technical and managerial employees, because we believe that healthy environmental practices invariably lead to healthy business practices. Over the long-term, our success will reflect not only our customers’ trust but also our environmental consciousness.

Our PREFER-able mining model pays careful detail to how our business affects the environment at all stages of our operations. For example, we examine the ecosystem of the surrounding environment during exploration and prospecting to determine how our operations will affect the wildlife and vegetation. We also examine the water use in the area and any potential water supply problems. Soil samples are collected and analyzed for reclamation planning. We also pay special attention to potential historical and archeological sites, documenting our work every step of the way.

In keeping with international mining standards, all our projects included reclamation plans to ensure that mining sites are reclaimed after mine operations cease. Restoration usually includes the demolition of structures, sealing of mine openings, re-grading the area to approximate pre-development conditions, re-vegetation and water treatment.

Employees are likely to understand and act in accordance with their obligations under environmental laws, including any new or modified obligations as they are established. Employees must report suspected violations of those laws to their supervisors. It shall be the obligation of all supervisors to investigate any reported violation and to ensure timely and effective remedial action.

The PREFER-able Mining Model

P Prospecting and defining the extent and value of ore before conducting any damaging exploration works

R Resource estimation to mathematically estimate the size and grade of the deposit

E Environmental evaluation to determine the theoretical economic and environmental impacts of the project

F Feasibility study to evaluate the financial viability, technical and financial risks of the project. This includes evaluating the economically recoverable portion of the deposit, marketability and payability of the mineral concentrates, engineering, milling and infrastructure costs, and finance and equity requirements

E Excavation operations and mining of the site

R Reclamation of the land to make it suitable for future use